HOUSTON, Texas, (April 17, 2017) – At this year’s NAB Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 24-27, Ikan has elevated its line of Lyra and Rayden LED panel lights to include DMX lighting. With the launch of the Lyra and Rayden DMX lights lines, NAB attendees will be the first ones to get to see these incredible new DMX lights in person.

The Lyra DMX brand of soft lights have high CRI chip LEDs paired with a soft panel to produce a very soft wrapping light. With a bicolor adjustability that ranges from 5600K-3200K, these lights can work with any setup. The brightness of the light stays consistent across all color temperatures. Also, the beam angle of the light is 110 degrees, making it possible to light a large area with just a single fixture. The Lyra line of DMX lights includes the LBX5, LBX10, LWX5, and the LWX10.

The Rayden DMX LED lighting line has high CRI 45 degree LEDs, giving you a very bright light. The 50 degree beam angle also makes it possible to light a large area with a single fixture. The Rayden line of DMX lights includes the RBX5, RBX10, RWX5, and the RWX10.

Both the Lyra and Rayden line of DMX lights have a 30 degree yoke and a baby 5/8″ or junior 1 1/8″ combo pin, making it easy to attach the light to any mount or stand. In addition, all lights have a large yellow knob on the back allowing you to easily control the light with a few simple clicks. The proven Ikan barn doors with intensifiers are included, which allows you to shape the light.

In addition to these two DMX lighting lines, Ikan has also introduced new larger Lyra DMX lights including the LBX30, LBX15, LBX20, LBX25, and the LBX40.

“It is exciting for us to be showing the Lyra and Rayden DMX lighting lines to the public at NAB. These DMX lights are perfect for big studio installations and any type of corporate event that needs lighting,” says Barry Garcia, Product Manager.

For more information on the Lyra and Rayden DMX lighting lines, stop by Ikan’s booth (C10919) at NAB or check out ikancorp.com.

About Ikan

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