Ikan unveiled a range of new products at NAB and InfoComm 2023 with a focus on PoE++, NDI and XR Productions. Among the products to be launched are Lyra PoE++ lights running DMX over IP via ArtNet & sACN, a 19″ NDI teleprompter talent monitor that is powered by PoE++, which will provide a high-quality and flexible solution for on-air talent. Ikan will also unveil two new teleprompter systems that have been specifically designed for PTZ cameras, offering enhanced functionality and versatility. In addition to these new teleprompters, Ikan is set to release a heavy-duty XR video tripod that has built-in pan & tilt encoders and two external lens encoders that all run natively on the FREE-D protocol. In partnership with Brainstorm and FX Design, Ikan will setup a XR Set at our NAB booth utilizing Brainstorm’s InfinitySet virtual studio, FX Design’s lighting & virtual set design, and Ikan’s suite of new products designed for modern broadcasting environments.

The Lyra PoE++ Low-Profile Studio Soft Panel LED Light with Artnet and sACN DMX over IP (LBX8-PoE) is identical to our standard LBX8 in shape and lumens output but is equipped with DMX over IP (via Artnet and sACN) and powered over ethernet (PoE++).  A single Cat6 RJ45 cable will both control (via DMX) and power the light. The benefits of this light are cheaper cables, easier cable management in the grid, and it eliminates the need to install power in the ceiling.

The Lyra Low-Profile Studio Soft Panel LED Lights with DMX Control, available in Bi-Color (LBX8) and Daylight (LWX8) models, are specifically designed to cater to studio and broadcast applications in locations with very low ceiling height. Their slim form factor ensures that they can be conveniently installed and utilized in such constrained spaces without compromising on light output or quality. With adjustable color temperature in the Bi-Color model and a fixed 5600K color temperature in the Daylight model, these lights provide versatile lighting options. Additionally, the DMX control allows for seamless integration with other DMX-compatible devices and remote control of the lights’ settings.

The Ikan 19″ High Bright Teleprompter LED Widescreen Monitor with NDI, PoE++, and Tally (M19W-NDI) is a cutting-edge teleprompter monitor. Featuring NDI (Network Device Interface) technology, this monitor enables smooth video transmission over IP networks, making it ideal for contemporary broadcast environments. Additionally, the PoE++ (Power over Ethernet) functionality allows the monitor to receive both data and power through a single Ethernet cable, streamlining cable management and minimizing clutter.

This monitor also incorporates a tally light system. The tally light can be conveniently controlled via the NDI interface, ensuring seamless integration with other NDI-compatible devices in the setup. Its 1000-NIT brightness levels and widescreen aspect ratio further contribute to the monitor’s overall utility and effectiveness in a professional setting.

The Ikan Professional Trapezoidal 19″ High Bright PTZ Compatible Teleprompter with 3G-SDI (PT5900W-PTZ) is a versatile and high-performance prompting solution. This teleprompter features a trapezoidal design, allowing for a wider field of view and easy integration with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. With its 19″ 1000-Nit high bright monitor, the teleprompter ensures optimal readability under various lighting conditions, making it perfect for live productions. The monitor is also equipped with 3G-SDI & HDMI connectivity, facilitating seamless signal transmission for a professional and lag-free experience.  This teleprompter system can also be optionally equipped with our new 19″ NDI teleprompter monitor (see above).

The E-Image XR Production Tripod Kit (EG25XR) is a high-performance head & lens tracking system that serves as a crucial component of XR systems. This virtual system consists of a 67 lbs. payload fluid head with built-in pan & tilt encoders, external zoom/focus lens encoders and an XR data processing device; all mounted on a carbon fiber tripod. This tracking system is specifically designed to collect precise data on the pan and tilt angles of the head, as well as the zoom and focus of the lens. Real-time virtual data is transmitted to the XR data processing device and can output tracking data via the FREE-D Protocol using either an RS422 or RJ45 interface.

The E-Image Pneumatic Carbon Fiber Pedestal with 150mm Fluid Head (EP880XK) is a professional-grade heavy-duty solution offering exceptional stability and smooth camera movements. The pedestal legs are constructed from carbon fiber, providing a lightweight yet sturdy base for cameras with a payload capacity of up to 88 lbs. The 150mm fluid head features adjustable counterbalance and drag settings, allowing operators to achieve precise and fluid camera movements during live productions. Furthermore, the pneumatic design of the pedestal facilitates easy height adjustments, ensuring optimal camera positioning for a variety of shots.

The E-Image Miniature 50W Ellipsoidal (E-2616) is a compact lighting solution designed for various applications. This ellipsoidal light features a 50-watt power rating and is equipped with a COB (Chip-On-Board) LED, which produces a high-quality, uniform light output. The fixture has a 19° beam angle and a 5600K color temperature, providing a bright, focused light suitable for creating depth and dimension in different scenes. Its small form factor and straightforward functionality make this ellipsoidal light a practical option for those looking to add a reliable and adjustable lighting source to their setups.