Houston, Texas-based Ikan International Corp.introduces new Piatto Lights with edge-lit LED technology.

Houston, Texas – December 19, 2014

Ikan introduces the new Piatto Lights with edge lit LED technology. “I never would have guessed that the Piatto’s would work this well while designing them,” said Barry Garcia, Lighting Product Manager at Ikan. “The finished lights exceeded all of my expectations and have created a greater response and reaction than any other light I have ever released. We have had inquiries from lighting professionals from all levels of the industry. ASC members, broadcast professionals, indie filmmakers and even still photographers have all expressed a love of the Piatto’s”

The 4 sizes and 2 shapes (round and rectangular) of the Piatto lights deliver a beautiful, even, soft light. Using edge-lit LED technology the Piatto’s envelop your subject in a light that is flattering to your talent, giving them a feeling that you have their best interests at heart thereby allowing them to be at their best. Traditional LEDS are arranged in arrays that inherently create the phenomenon of microshadows. In this design each individual LED creates its own shadow that can show up as a pattern on the subject or anywhere within the frame. Edge-lit LED technology eliminates the microshadows. You can create a soft, smooth transition from light to shadow making it perfect for beauty shots, close-ups or any shot requiring an accent light. The lights are designed in an ultra slim aluminum casing with a thickness of just over one inch.

About Ikan

For over a decade, Ikan International Corp. has been designing, manufacturing and distributing digital video and DSLR gear for independent filmmakers, videographers, and professional photographers, delivering quality products to creative people for use in the studio or in the field. Ikan made its name in the industry by introducing innovative monitors such as the first 5-inch LCD monitor for DSLRs and camcorders and the first LED field light with remote control. Today, Ikan offers a variety of solutions for both professionals and beginners: pedestals, tripods, jibs, on-camera lights, DMX lights, ENG and studio lights, teleprompters, monitors with the widest array of IPS panels, batteries, chargers and more. Ikan equipment is available through authorized dealers in the U. S. and 50-plus countries worldwide, and at www.ikancorp.com.