Today we released the first product video for our new series of Featherweight LED panels, covering the IFD1024 (Single Color Daylight) & IFB1024 (dual color, variable 3200-5600k). Thanks to Ariel Santschi for the work on putting this one together.

IFD1024 & IFB1024 Featherweight Daylight & Dual Color LED Lights from ikan on Vimeo.

Some key points about these lights include:

  • About 40% lighter than their ID1000 counterparts
  • More LEDs for more light
  • Improved quality of LEDs used on panel
  • Digital and analog controls for intuitive use by anyone, includes Digital readout LCD display, also
  • Includes Yoke Mount, Barn Doors with Intensifiers, and Diffuser
We’re beginning to integrate these into kits, due to popular demand thus far.

A couple of questions have been raised, such as “what’s the CRI?” and “does it have a green spike?” I’d rather not go into this now but I do know that the photo metrics on each of their pages will be posted shortly, using the JETI Spectrometer (professionally beastly) as well as our new handheld MK350 Spectrometer we started carrying in May. Sidenote–if you haven’t checked out that useful and portable tool, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. Video for the MK350 below.

Also worth noting: the IFD576 & IFB576 video is coming shortly, as well as the revamped IDMX1500 (as in DMX controller enabled) for studio or general mounted purposes. I’ll post them when I have more info.

Have you used these lights yet? What about the MK350? If so, leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.