Ikan is proud to present new versions of our groundbreaking 500 & 1000 LED Studio lights, the ID500-v2 and ID1000-v2

These 500 and 1000 Daylight LED bulb studio lights feature an LCD touch screen panel, which allows for precise control of the built-in dimming feature, and is particularly useful in recreating specific lighting setups.  Intensity adjustments can also be made with the included wireless remote control, which comes in handy when lights are out of reach.

For additional control of your output, the ID500-v2 and ID1000-v2’s are equipped with barn doors with integrated intensifiers and gel clips.  Chimeras designed specifically for each light, are available as optional accessories to help soften the light.

Anton Bauer and Sony V-mount Pro Battery options allow for fully portable, high-output lighting setups virtually anywhere.

2 and 3-Point Light Kits are available for both the ID500-v2 and the ID1000-v2.