How to Build a Wireless Rig with a Monitor and Focus Control

Film production technology changes at a very rapid pace. Cameras in particular have gone through a bevy of changes to make shooting more efficient without losing video quality. That’s where wireless rigs come into play. Wireless camera rigs are the perfect tools for an efficient shoot, depending on the specific shots you want, of course. Learn how to build a wireless rig with a monitor and focus control to help your production go as smoothly as possible.

Camera Cage

To attach the required additions to your camera, you’re going to need a camera cage. Think of a camera cage like a car chassis—it’s the skeletal foundation on which you can add the rest of the essentials. Without it, you won’t be able to make any of the required adjustments, such as the plates necessary for the titular monitor and focus control add-ons.

Lightweight Batteries

When adapting to a wireless rig, you’ll obviously want to cut the cord when it comes to your power source. While building your rig, make sure you have a spot for a camera-back battery that works with your camera of choice. Not only does it have to be compatible with your camera, but you also need to make sure it’s lightweight as well. The heavier the battery, the less balance you’ll have on the rig.


Wireless monitors have become one of the most useful pieces of camera tech you can find on a set. Since wireless rigs are all about improving efficiency, you’ll want to ditch the usual cable that connects monitors and cameras. With a wireless monitor, you and your team can watch pristine video far enough away from the camera crew to get the necessary shots.

Lens/Focus Control

Wireless rigs mean you’ll need to find a way to wirelessly control the camera lens. That’s why wireless follow focus systems are must-have tools when you’re putting together your rig. These will allow you to properly adjust the camera focus at a distance, meaning you won’t lose video quality by gaining wireless capabilities. You’ll need a rod attachment to add the focus control but thankfully, these devices tend to be comfortably lightweight.

Now that you know the right steps for how to build a wireless rig with a monitor and focus control, you’re ready to bring some shot versatility and efficiency to your set. It may sound like a difficult task at first, but once you have all the right components, the rig construction will be a breeze. Wireless camera rigs have evolved a great deal over the years, and now is the perfect time to bring the benefits of these rigs to your set.