HOUSTON, Texas, (April 17, 2017) – Harnessing the power and precision of PD Movie’s popular lens control systems, Ikan has unveiled the new PD Movie Remote Live 2. At this year’s NAB Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 24-27, attendees will be able to get hands on demos of the Remote Live 2. With the Remote Live 2, professionals can gain control of their lens’ focus, iris, and zoom right at their fingertips. The Remote Live 2 is available in a single (PDL-F), dual (PDL-FZ), or three channel control kit (PDL-3CH-FIZ).

Each control kit automatically calibrates to the mapping of your lens. In addition, the system is easy-to-use with its simple, single button per channel control system. The single focus and zoom unit can control multiple motors simultaneously. Built with compact yet powerful motors, the Remote Live 2 can handle both subtle and rapid lens adjustments with ease. The precision motors can attach to both 15 and 19mm rods with the included sleeves installed. In addition, the remote control attaches to most square/round handles less than 1″ in diameter.

With 0.8 pitch gearing, the Remote Live 2 is compatible with most common cinema lenses. While powerful enough to be used in traditional camera setups, the Remote Live 2 is perfect for lightweight applications such as gimbal and Steadicam operations. Because of the Remote Live 2’s compact size, it is a great addition to almost any camera rig, even those requiring lighter payloads.

“I love the Remote Live 2. It’s perfect for camera operators who like to pull their own focus. It pairs perfectly with a gimbal, but you can throw this on to any rig with a handle. The compact size allows you to get creative when assembling your rig,” says Julio Ramon, Product Manager.

For more information on the Remote Live 2, stop by Ikan’s booth (C10919) at NAB or check out ikancorp.com.

About Ikan

Ikan International designs, manufactures, and distributes a variety of award-winning products used in film, video and photographic productions worldwide. The company continues to keep pace and get ahead of the ever-accelerating technology curve. Ikan Corp offers high quality video monitors, a full range of lighting equipment, camera support rigs, teleprompters, gimbals, and accessories for both studio and field production. Ikan products are sold through authorized dealers located in more than 50 countries around the world and at www.ikancorp.com. Ikan Corp’s reputation is emblematic of the company’s mission to “build quality products that creative people want and need at a reasonable price,” as well as founder Kan Yeung’s philosophy “to always put the customers first and take care of them – no matter the situation.”