Videography is a broad term that can refer to motion pictures, social media shorts, live streams, and many more types of video productions. Behind these types of videography are innovative individuals who can bring a new spin to current trends or revolutionize a new trend entirely. Read this list to discover the most creative videography trends we hope to see continue in 2022 and, possibly, even longer.

Cinematic Universes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe brought to life the idea that you can have different movie franchises within one big movie universe. Since Iron Man, many other films have had their try at building a cinematic universe, but they’re not always successful, to put it lightly.

That said, the potential creativity in building multiple movies within a franchise with diverse visual aesthetics and character arcs presents fulfilling opportunities for audiences and storytellers alike. Of course, it all comes down to execution. Luckily, as the multiverse-breaking Spider-Man: No Way Home is showing audiences today, there is no expiration date on interesting ideas for building cinematic universes.

Vertical Framing

Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, vertical framing is proving to be a prevalent video format. From movie reviews to song covers and beyond, content creators are using cell phones to create vertical content easily. This format gives a genuine, off-the-cuff feeling to videos, which makes them feel more down-to-earth and relatable.

However, are there more ways to use this format? The widescreen format of Hollywood movies is iconic, but is there a way to bring something new to visual storytelling with a vertical frame? Experiments like these are what keep trends going and growing in scope. Thus, the vertical frame is undoubtedly one of the most creative videography trends we hope to see continue in 2022.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is as versatile as it is prevalent today, from company events to podcasts to news shows and beyond. Like vertical framing, the live streaming format can bring a more conversational and personal touch to content, especially if you’re addressing the live chat. Further, live streaming can be as simple as hopping on your phone, pulling up social media, and clicking a button.

Thanks to the continuing popularity of the live stream format, the equipment for such productions today is professional-grade. For example, among Ikan’s professional video accessories is live streaming gear that enables those who want to bring an impressive quality to content to do so easily. As you can see, the video trends today are diverse. Hopefully, creators working with these formats can continue bringing fresh ideas to the table. After all, mixing cutting-edge techniques and longtime content-creating methods makes videography a creatively fulfilling industry.