HOUSTON, Texas, (June 13, 2016) – Ikan has made it easier to use its highly successful product, the Beholder Gimbal for DSLRs (DS1), a 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer designed specifically for DSLR and mirrorless cameras to capture smooth, stable footage. Since there are a multitude of cameras and lenses available that make up so many combinations, it can be difficult to know which setups will work best. With the release of this DS1 Compatibility Chart, people who own, use, or are looking to buy a DS1 can easily figure out if their camera and lens combination will be compatible.

In order to create the DS1 Compatibility Chart, ikan picked some of the most common cameras to test. Since not all camera and lens combinations will work with the DS1, ikan experts were tasked to test the limitations by weighing the camera body and lens and then balancing them with the DS1 gimbals. Each camera has its own chart and is combined with various lenses.

In the chart, the type of lens is listed first and then the lens weight and the combined weight (lens and camera) are listed. The next column tells you if the riser plate is needed or not in order to balance the camera on the DS1 correctly. (A riser plate is a plate that moves the camera’s center of gravity to a different location in order to balance it.) The compatibility of the combination is then listed. For some camera and lens combinations, the range of motion was limited, but still compatible. For example, if the range of motion is listed as “pitch limited”, it means that the camera may have been too big to tilt up or down or the gimbal will run into the camera and interfere with it. The camera and lens still work with the gimbal, but just can’t tilt 100%. If the combination was flip-out compatible, then you could flip the screen out on the camera. Camera and lens combinations that were able to balance and operate well were deemed compatible with the DS1. Specific videos will be added to show the combinations and detailed step-by-step balancing techniques.

A DS1 gimbal is a great tool for stabilizing cameras and getting smooth shots and is ideal for DSLR camera owners that shoot videos, independent filmmakers, and event production. Ikan will be adding additional cameras to the DS1 Compatibility Chart such as the Sony a7S II, Sony a6300, and the Panasonic GH4 in the near future.

About Ikan
Founded by Kan Yeung in 2005, Houston, Texas-based Ikan Corp designs, manufactures and distributes a variety of award-winning products used in film, video and photographic production worldwide. Starting with the introduction of a single on-camera HD video monitor, the company has kept pace with the ever-accelerating technology curve and, in a number of instances, has been ahead of the curve. Now, in addition to high-quality video monitors, Ikan Corp offers a full range of lighting equipment, camera support rigs, teleprompters, and accessories for both studio and field production. Ikan products are sold through authorized dealers located in more than 50 countries around the world and at www.ikancorp.com. Ikan Corp’s reputation is emblematic of the company’s mission to “build quality products that creative people want and need at a reasonable price,” as well as Yeung’s philosophy “to always put the customers first and take care of them – no matter the situation.”

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