A Guide To Buying a Teleprompter

Using a teleprompter is essential when talking in front of an audience. These devices give you a great way to reference your script without forcing you to break eye contact with those you’re speaking to.

To put it simply, they help you look professional during speeches and live broadcasts. With the help of this guide to buying a teleprompter, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this beneficial device without making simple mistakes along the way.

Screen Size

When talking about teleprompters, size is crucial because it refers to multiple components. Specifically, you want to think about the size of the monitor and the font. However, designing text font comes after purchasing the teleprompter. Consider how far away the speaker will be from the teleprompter when selecting the correct size. Smaller monitors will be great for at-home applications where you’ll be relatively close to the teleprompter.

If you’re conducting a news broadcast, however, you’ll need something heftier. Using a larger teleprompter in the studio gives you the opportunity to place it farther away from the speaker. This, in turn, gives you more space to place cameras and capture multiple, unobstructed angles.

Device Versatility

Versatility is another topic that will cover multiple components. For instance, it’s useful to have a teleprompter that has smartphone and tablet capability. Furthermore, you want to be sure that your teleprompter can work with the specific size of your devices. If you plan on utilizing iPad teleprompters, these options are important for ensuring your production runs smoothly.

You also have to think about the mobility of your teleprompter. If you’re going to be transporting the teleprompter to different locations or different areas of a single set, you need to solidify whether the teleprompter will be able to do that successfully prior to purchase. For example, Ikan designs an iPad teleprompter that is specifically optimized for secure, comfortable mobility and use.

Another important point of versatility for teleprompters is outdoor capabilities. Specifically, if you’re working outdoors or in an indoor environment with very bright lighting, you’ll need a device that can handle such conditions.

To combat bright light, make sure your teleprompter’s brightness level exceeds 1,000 nits. With brightness levels beyond that measurement, you should be able to easily read the teleprompter in extremely bright lighting conditions.

As you can see, this guide to buying a teleprompter isn’t some expansive text. However, it is a distinct set of parameters you’ll have to work within to ensure your device works for your specific circumstances.