4 Examples of Effective Branding Using Live StreamsDigital platforms, from Youtube to Twitch, play an influential role in today’s society, making them great assets for advertising. Unlike television, social networking sites and media-sharing platforms allow you to interact and build a stronger connection with your target audiences. Live streaming further bridges the gap between you and your audience, providing you with an intimate and engaging way to reach them.

Check out four examples of effective branding using live streams, and discover how you too can make the most of digital platforms and live streaming for your marketing needs.

1. Interviews With Brand and Industry Experts

Brand specialists know the ins and outs of the product for sale. Industry experts are trusted professionals. Both make great reliable resources for your target audience. Live stream interviews with brand and industry experts promote products by providing useful, credible insight to potential customers.

Interviewing the experts on a live stream allows potential clients to ask questions, learn more about the product, and hear professional, credible reviews. For example, if an expert in the skincare industry backs up a facial serum—confirming the science and effectiveness of the product—people are more likely to invest. During the interview, the professionals can also answer questions that ease clients’ anxieties or uncertainties.

2. Product Demonstrations and Tutorials

Let the product do the talking. Live product demonstrations and tutorials allow potential clients to see your products in action without editing or movie magic. Clients get an honest demo, confirming the product’s quality, effectiveness, and described attributes.

Live stream tutorials also give clients an opportunity to ask questions and request specific demonstrations, letting them see what they need to finalize their decision. Live demos and tutorials let the product do the talking, authentically promoting your brand and product.

3. Subtle Product Promotion During an Event

Live events come in many forms, from talk shows and speeches to concerts. No matter the event or product in question, using the product in the live-streamed event naturally promotes it to the audience. Speakers or performers drinking your brand’s beverage or wearing your brand’s makeup during an event demonstrates the product in action and subtly promotes it. Potential clients want to know that other people—especially celebrities and role model figures—use and enjoy the product.

4. Challenges Against Competition Products

Put your product up against competitors on a live-stream battle of the best. Streaming your product in competition with other brands demonstrates how your brand supersedes others on the market. During the challenge and head-to-head against competitors, viewers witness your product’s qualities and valuable differences. For example, seeing how your towel dries faster or soaks up more liquid compared with competitors makes it more attractive to potential customers looking for a towel with those properties.

Overall, you can use live streams as effective branding in many ways. These four examples are just some of the most common and successful live stream branding solutions worth trying.

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