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Model: EI-GH25-KIT
  • Payload Range 24.95Kg | 55lbs
  • 0-7 Grades of drag for Tilt and Pan
  • Counter Balance Adjustment 1-15
  • Parking Hole for Monitor Arm
  • Bowl Size: 100mm ball level feature
  • Sliding Base plate with safety lock and retractable registration pin
Model: EI-7902-A
  • 7103H Fluid Head Supports 33lbs Camera Payload
  • 100mm Riser Bowl
  • Pedestal Working Height Range 47-87"
  • Pedestal Weight Max 44lbs
  • Air Dampened Telescopng Center Column
  • Collapsible Wheeled Spreader
Model: EI-7100H-KIT
  • Fluid head offers widest range, and heaviest drag in its class
  • 0-8 positions of counter balance adjustment
  • Center column air pump system for adjusting the operating height
  • Two-section central column can be extended and folded accurately and freely according to the object height
  • 100mm ball mount style head
  • Durable studio-style dolly wheels with independent locks