PD1 Remote Air One (PD Movie)

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Model: PD1
  • Single channel programming
  • 1 standard drive motor
  • Aluminum unibody design
  • Remote with OLED display
  • 2.4GHz digital wireless range up to 300 feet with 20 channels
  • Left/right handed operation
  • Automatic lens calibration
  • Can map virtually any cine-style lens

Sometimes, the traditional follow focus isn’t enough.

With today’s new demands in film and video production, the need for a wireless follow focus system is greater than ever, as complex shots on jibs, dollies, and steadicams become the norm.
The PD Movie Remote Air One wireless follow focus system is a complete solution that brings reliable performance to the most involved shooting situations. Designed for cine style lenses, this single channel system allows you to precisely control focus. The durable aluminum unibody hand unit is lightweight, and features an OLED display with channel and connection strength read outs. With 20 channels to choose from, the unit maintains peak performance without interference up to 300 feet away.

The system features automatic lens calibration and can map virtually any cinema style lens right out of the box. The included motor delivers professional grade performance and pairs well with consumer-level cine-style lenses.
The motor and receiver can be powered with your existing pro battery system with the included p-tap cable. The handle unit has a rechargeable internal lithium battery and runs for up to 30 hours on a single charge. Use the included USB wall charger to keep it powered up and ready to go. 

Assistant Camera Operators will appreciate a complete system that is ready to work out of the case. With a solid build and robust performance, The PD Movie Remote Air One remote wireless focus system is the all in one package today’s camera technicians need in an ever increasingly demanding industry.




Two things were forefront in the design of the Remote Air; versatility and ease of use. The dual motor system mounts easily on any professional movie camera, and the automatic calibration system takes mere seconds to sync up. Thanks to the 20-channel signal range and the 2.4G signal strength, the Remote Air has the technological capabilities to be used anywhere from a studio shoot to a location shoot out in an open field without having to worry about loss of control. 

The controllers themselves are as simple as turning two dials, and both feature an OLED display showing receiver channel, signal strength, and battery life so that you can check your system effortlessly and instantly. Plus, the whole system comes with its own personal carrying case making it a great on-the-go addition to your film team. 




The PD Movie Remote Air gives you hassle free operation at 300 feet line of site. So if you are using a jib or remote camera set up you won’t have to worry about losing precise camera lens control.

PD Movie Remote Air operates in the 2.4 GHz range, far from TV and DTV interference.

Thanks to the 20-channel signal range and the 2.4G signal strength, the Remote Air has the technological capabilities to be used anywhere from a studio shoot to a location shoot out in an open field without having to worry about loss of control.



PD Move Remote Air comes in 4 versions to meet your shooting requirements. This includes a High Torque motor version for use with zoom control or stiff lenses.




The Remote Air knows that every shot and every scene is a whole new challenge, and the auto calibration system was built with this in mind. With every lens switch the system needs only a single button press to find both the beginning and the ending of the adjustment range, a process that takes mere seconds. One button press and you’re ready to go once again.


2 X 15mm Rod Adaptor Rings
2 X Antenna
Hard Case
Motor Drive Line Cable
P-Tap Power Cord
Receiver/motor Controller
Single Channel Wireless Follow Focus Hand Unit
Standard Drive Motor
USB Charger & Cable

Signal:2.4GHz wireless frequency; full duplex mode
Max Range:300ft
Power Supply:Built in 2600mah rechargable lithium battery
Weight :5.23lbs
Shipping Dimensions:10.6" x 15" x 3.5"
Shipping Weight:6lbs
UPC Code:847983010943

Batteries & Power

ikan "BP-U" Type Ultra-High Capacity Battery

AB Mount Professional Battery

V Mount Professional Battery

190Wh 2-Piece Professional Battery w/ Display
Included Option
Blackmagic Gear

BMC Over / Under Pro Battery Rail Kit

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Dual Rod DV Power Kit
Included Option