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Professional Follow Focus Systems

At Ikan, we understand that properly executing your shots can be one of the most difficult, yet necessary, steps in producing footage to match your vision. Getting the focus right can greatly affect the delivery of a scene’s message and is one of the most important technical details to get right. When the precise focus is necessary to get the shot, a follow focus system can be the right thing to help.

Why Use a Follow Focus System?

A follow focus system will give you precise control over the focal plane when filming a scene. It can be extremely difficult to nail the focus when the camera or subject is moving, or if the focus needs to be shifted mid-scene. In these situations, you can attach a follow focus to the camera lens to aid in adjusting where the focal point is. For even more control, Ikan offers a range of wireless follow focus systems to separate the act of adjusting focus from the operation of the video camera to allow each member to focus on their specific task. In addition, many of Ikan’s wireless follow focus systems can operate up to 3 independent motors, giving you complete control of the camera lens’s focus, zoom and iris.

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