IFD1024 3-Point Light Kit

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Single IFD1024 Available
Great for Run and Gun Interviews
Model: IFD1024-KIT
  • 3 x IFD1024
  • 3 X HD-STND
  • 1 x Light Bag
  • 1 x Stand Bag
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The IFD1024 3-Point Light Kit is designed and built for imaging professionals who want quality at an affordable price.


The Kit delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance.


The 3-Point Light Kit features include 5600K daylight capabilities and a 60-degree angle that delivers reliable, consistent performance.


The IFD1024 Featherweight Daylight LED Light features 1024 energy efficient LED lights that are dimmable using the LCD touchscreen.  A large rotary knob and an included remote are also used for dimming.  The compact design with integrated yoke mount makes the IFD1024 portable and easy to set up.  A multi-voltage DC power supply is included and for portable power a pro battery plate for either Sony V-mount (-S) or Anton Bauer (-A) is supplied.  A removable diffuser is included and the pre-mounted four leaf barn doors with intensifiers can be folded flat for transportation. 


The IFD1024-KIT is often used for documentary and ENG applications as well as corporate gigs and film.   The kit includes 3 IFD1024 lights, 3 HD stands, 1 light bag, and 1 stand bag.


IFD1024 lights are also available individually or in different kit combinations that provide added value that may include stands, bags and other accessories.


    ID 1000


Foot Candles :979.8
Wattage:82 Watts
Color Temperature:5600K (±100K)
Head Type:Daylight
Rating:120V @ 60 HRZ
Light Source:1024 0.06 watt LED at 5600K
Power Supply:12V @ 6.66amps
Control:Local Knob Control and Touchscreen
Lens:60 Degree Lens
Beam Angle:60 degree
Cooling System:Passive Cooling
Fixture Size:14" x 14" x 2 3/4"
Fixture Weight:6LBS
Build Material:Heavy Duty Plastic
Dimensions:17 x 14 x 3.75"
Weight :7 lbs (3.17kg)
Shipping Weight:10 lbs (4.53 kg)
Dimensions (Metric):43.18 x 35.56 x 9.53 cm

Essential Accessories
Model: C-2KA-KIT
  • Charging 2 batteries at once.
  • Charging power indicators
  • XLR 4-Pin 12V DC output
  • Built-in intelligent management
Model: C-2KS-KIT
  • Charges 2 Batteries Simultaneously
  • LED Power Indicators
  • XLR 4-Pin 12V DC Output
  • Built-in intelligent management
Model: PWRGP-1
  • Saves 4-Pin Connector and DC Power Input from Damage
  • Quick Setup
  • Snaps On and Off
  • Easily Attach Power Supply
Batteries & Power

AB Mount Professional Battery

V Mount Professional Battery

IB-LD160 / 160Wh Professional Battery w/ Display
Included Option