SW50: Stryder 50W Daylight 5600K Field LED Fresnel Light

Stryder 50W Daylight 5600K Field LED Fresnel Light

Limited Stock
Model: SW50
  • Versatile Field Light
  • Daylight 5600K
  • 4" Fresnel with 60 Degree and 30 Degree Lens
  • Whisper Quiet Cooling System
  • Battery Power Options with 18650 Batteries
  • Large Digital Readout for easy Adjustment
  • Barn Door included

Stryder - SW50

Stryder - SW50

The Stryder Daylight 5600K 50 watt LED light is a part of Ikan's Stryder line of COB LED lights. The SW50 is a 4" Fresnel light that can change from a wide beam angle to a tight beam with the click of a latch. The extremely quiet active cooling system keeps it working through any shoot. It's easy to move the Stryder around on set due to its lightweight heavy duty plastic body and easy setup. This versatile field light can be used in or out of a studio. The 18650 batteries that power the SW50 are a convenient power source because they can be found in most stores. This allows for use in any production environment. The large yellow control knob makes it easy to operate and control the brightness. With the 4 way barn doors included, the Stryder SW50 Daylight LED is all you need on set.

Versatile Field Light

With a lightweight body, the SW50 can be used in any shooting environment.

Acrylic 4" Fresnel Lens

The 4" Fresnel lens gives you control over the beam spread of the light.

4 Way Barn Doors

With the Stryder's included barn doors, you're ready to tackle light shaping needs on set.

Nylon-Resin Housing
4 Way Barn Doors
Quiet Active Cooling System

Quiet Active
Cooling System

The wide 60 degree beam angle Fresnel lens can be set to a 30 degree beam angle by adding a step ring and comes with a detachable Fresnel 30 degree spot lens

Quiet Active Cooling System

Lightweight Heavy Duty Plastic Housing

The Stryder's lightweight chassis makes it perfect for the mobile shooter.

360° Product View

Beam Angle

The wide 60 degree beam angle Fresnel lens can be set to a 30 degree beam angle by adding a detachable Fresnel 30 degree spot lens.

Beam Angle

Power Options

You'll never have to worry about not having portable power with the IB-18650 batteries are available from Ikan. The SW50 can also be powered by the AC power supply.

Power Options



1 X 30 Degree Lens Adaptor
1 X 50 Watt Light Fixture
1 X Barn Doors
1 X Power Supply
1 X Soft Carrying Case
1 X Yoke

Beam Angle:60 degree w/ adapter 30 degree
Build Material:Plastic/Metal
Control:Knob Control
Cooling System:Active Cooling Fan
Dimming:Onboard dimming Knob 100% - 0%
Fixture Size:9 x 4 x 12 in.
Fixture Weight:4 lbs
Head Type:5600K
Lens:4 inch Fresnel
Light Source:50 watt Daylight LED
Power Supply:Input: 100-240VAC Output: 15VDC
Shipping Dimensions:18 x 11 x 5 in.
Shipping Dimensions (Metric):45.72 x 27.94 x 12.7 cm
Shipping Weight:6 lbs
Shipping Weight (Metric):2.72 kg
UPC Code:847983021062
Yoke:Cast Aluminum with 5/8" baby pin receiver

Essential Accessories
Model: SC4-18650-26-4
  • Charges Nickel Metal-Halide, Nickel Cadmium, and Lithium Ion Batteries (4x 18650 Batteries Included)
  • Accepts Standard Battery Sizes A, AA, AAA, C, D, and More
  • Accepts Pro/Hobby Battery Sizes 18650, 18350, and More
  • Can Charge Different Battery Types and Chemistries Simultaneously
Light Mounting Options

Heavy Duty Light Stand

Stage Clamp w/16mm Stud

Power Grip

2 Stage Roller Stand 10 ft 6 in

Safety Wire
3.7V Power

4 Battery Universal Smart LCD Charger
UPRTek™ Light Meter & Spectrometer

CV600 Digital LED Light Meter w/ Exposure, Spectrometer & CRI for Photography, Video, Cinema & Film (UPRtek)
Accessorized For

30 Degree Replacement Lens for SW50 Fixture

Battery Door Replacement Cover for SW50 Light Fixture

Barn Door Replacement for SW50 Light Fixture

Color Temperature Orange Replacement Filter for SW50

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