Ikan at NAB2016
Come see ikan’s new and hot products in Booth# C9911 at this year’s NAB2016 in Las Vegas. Don’t miss out on our raffles and giveaways. Attendees represent every sector of the industry. Visit us while we are in Las Vegas for six days to embrace the immersive experiences reshaping the new reality of media. Exhibits open Monday April 18th through Thursday April 21st, 2016. Use the code LV7862 for a free pass to the exhibit hall.
WenPod MD2
WenPod MD2 is the first in this industry to apply it's self proprietary A.I. algorithm and Neuron Technology to gimbal device. All 3-axis brushless motors are incorporated with independent CPU, making the stabilizing motion as smooth as silk. It is the only gimbal in the market to use fully automatic calibration technology, which greatly reduces the down time of the device.
The ES-T07-2 now fits both DSLR and BlackMagic Cinema Cameras. Get all the dynamic range of the BMCC or swap base-plates to fit your always useful DSLR. The ES-T07-2 will fit full size DSLR's like the Canon 5D Mark 3 and Nikon D810.
ESR-T06 Arri Alexa Mini Camera Rig
It’s the first of its kind! Tilta has combined a high quality versatile aluminum rig with an innovative power distribution system. The resulting design is the best Arri Alexa Mini Rig on the market.
PD3 Remote Air Pro
The goal of the PD Movie Remote Air Pro was to create an innovative wireless follow focus with a rapid response system. In order to achieve such a distinctive design, we incorporated the high quality, delicate touch screen of iOS devices. We also combined the motor and receiver into a single unit for maximum convenience. The torque and high-speed features allow little audible noise at all times. The PD Movie Remote Air Pro represents a full range of advanced technology achievements that produce the most outstanding performance to date.
Sony Alpha Series Handheld Camera Cage
Tilta’s ES-T17 is an impressive and versatile camera rig for the professional shooter. It is the only form fitted cage compatible with all six versions of the Sony a7 full frame mirrorless camera. The cage is designed to fit around the hot shoe mount with easy access to the battery and side compartments. Among its many features include more than a hundred threaded hole mounts, a cold shoe mount and a 15 mm baseplate with an integrated lens adapter.
The Ikan DH7 Full HD monitor features Ultra HD 4K HDMI capabilities all within a lightweight, affordable package. The 7" monitor's 1920x1200 HD resolution combined with an IPS screen delivers vibrant color and strong viewing angles. It can handle 4K signals from the most popular 4K HDMI cameras such as the Sony a&s, Sony a7s RII, Panasonic GH4, Panasonic DVX200 and others. The DH7 offers two programmable feature buttons as well as 1/4-20 mounts all the way around. It's no surprise the DH7's simple, practical design makes it the ideal size and weight for field production.
3-Axis Gimbal Series
All of Ikan’s handheld gimbals are simple to operate and feature 3-Axis Gyro Stabilized Brushless Motors to stabilize movement on tilt-and-roll axe and provide incredibly smooth image capture in any situation in which the camera is moving. Each gimbal supports a unique set of recording devices. Find the right gimbal for you!

ikan Classroom - Video Tutorials NEW LESSONS!

Lesson 1: Composition Techniques for Widescreen Aspect Ratios
John Hess explains some basic tips on how to visualize your desired ratio and some helpful composition techniques.

Lesson 2: 5 Elements of a Great Chroma Key
Explore the 5 crucial elements of capturing a great chromakey for your production.

Lesson 3: Green Screen Lighting
How to properly light the talent(s) in a green screen background.

Lesson 4: How to light for a white background
How to properly light up a white background.