HomeStream™ HDMI to USB Video Capture Device 4K 30fps Input Audio-in/Out HDMI Loop-Out



  • Max Input Resolution: 4K 30fps/Max Output Resolution (USB): 1080P 30fps
  • Suppots HDMI Loopout
  • Max Output Resolution (Loop out): 4K 30fps
  • Supports 8/10/12bit Deep Color
  • Supports 3.5mm Microphone Audio Input/ 3.5mm Stereo Output
  • Supports Simultaneous HDMI Audio & Microphone Audio Capture
  • Supports AWG26 HDMI Standard Cable; Input up to 15 Meters (1080P and below resolution)
  • Supports OBS, Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, vMix, Twitch, Uberconference, VLC, etc.
  • Supports Windows, Android, and MacOS
  • Conforms to UVC Standard, USB 1.5 and USB 1.0
  • Conforms to USB Audio UAC standard

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