wireless transmitter

Wireless HDMI/SDI transmitters are great for decreasing clutter on set while also delivering top-notch video quality. However, you can’t go into the market looking for the cheapest transmitter available. These three reasons not to skimp on a wireless HDMI/SDI transmitter will explain why getting the perfect one for your set could make or break your final product.


A good wireless HDMI/SDI transmitter should not weigh more than your cell phone. These lightweight transmitters are easy to move around and easy to place anywhere, even in your pocket. However, if you don’t pay enough attention to the weight of your new transmitter, you can end up having to use one that is heavy and annoying to maneuver around the set. Don’t settle for a clunky wireless HDMI/SDI transmitter. Only settle for one that reflects the high quality and production value you’re trying to achieve.


Shopping for a high-quality wireless HDMI/SDI transmitter is key if you want to maintain a consistent video resolution. Some transmitters can allow the transmitter to be a comfortable distance away from the receiver while still capturing high-resolution images. However, there are some transmitters that can’t quite reach as far as others, which means that as you get farther and farther away from the receiver, the resolution will become worse and worse.


As touched on briefly above, having a wireless transmitter removes the necessity for large video cables cluttering the production studio. Not only does this declutter the studio, but it also removes some safety hazards as well. Without those long cables, your crew is no longer in danger of tripping over them. Plus, they won’t have to worry about damaging the cables from accidentally walking on them or dropping something on them. If you choose a cheap, low-quality wireless HDMI/SDI transmitter, you’ll have to go right back to those dangerous, bothersome cables. With a good transmitter, however, you’ll have a reliable means to transmit quality images.

Hopefully, you have a stronger understanding of the reasons not to skimp on a wireless HDMI/SDI transmitter. Being careless when choosing the right device for your set is unprofessional, and it can hinder the overall quality of the video. However, a good wireless HDMI/SDI transmitter should remove problems from your set instead of making more. At Ikan, we can provide you with a wide range of helpful gear for your next production, such as wireless SDI/HDMI transmitters and camera pedestals.