Every year, we always look forward to NAB in Las Vegas. The NAB Show, an annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, is where people from various industries including Broadcast, Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Post-Production, Sports, Live Events, and more come together to embrace the immersive experiences that are reshaping the new reality of media.

At NAB, you never know what you’ll see and experience. This year, we were excited to meet Redfoo from the hip-hop electronic dance music duo, LMFAO, when he stopped by our booth. (The duo was best known for hits such as “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know It”.)

Redfoo and his production guy, Vince, were really excited about the Fly-X3-Plus, an ikan gimbal stabilizer that turns your mobile phone or GoPro camera into a powerful image capture tool that makes your videos look professional and eliminates shaky camera moves. Also, the Fly-X3-Plus gimbal stabilizer has a unique 3-axis brushless motor gyro system that stabilizes your smartphone or GoPro, making pans, tilts, and walking shots appear to fly. With a built-in IMU, the gimbal stabilizer has inertial sensors for gesture recognition that level and anticipate the operator’s intended movement while keeping everything level and smooth. They also really liked the DS1, a 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer that is designed for larger DSLRs and mirrorless cameras in order to achieve smooth, stable footage.

While Redfoo was at our booth, we showed him and other NAB attendees our line of gimbal stabilizers and how to use them. We also demonstrated how to properly put a Sony a7S camera onto one of our gimbal stabilizers so that it would be balanced. Making sure that the camera or smartphone is balanced properly is very important to using gimbals. We have a video on YouTube that helps explain the Fly-X3-Plus and balancing.

Redfoo and his production guys left our booth with 2 Fly-X3-Plus gimbal stabilizers and a DS1. Overall, it was a fun experience and we were delighted to have Redfoo and his crew stop by our booth at NAB. If you want to know what Redfoo thought about our gimbals, he had one word for us: incredible!

Redfoo did a live video via Facebook when he was at our booth looking at the Fly-X3-Plus and other gimbals. In case you missed it or want to re-watch the video, you can see it here or below:

NAB part 2!

Posted by Redfoo on Monday, April 18, 2016


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