We are excited to be releasing our latest gimbal stabilizer, the EC1, which is an improved version of the DS1 and now has even more features. It has a redesigned quick release baseplate system, which makes it easier and faster to balance. Also, the EC1 is compatible with DSLR and mirrorless cameras up to 4.5 pounds and now features new 360 degree motors.

Four Different Operating Modes

The EC1 has four different operating modes: the lock mode and three different follow modes. When in the lock mode, the camera doesn’t move and will stay in its position no matter how you turn the handle. In the yaw axis follow mode, the camera will only follow your pan movements left or right. In the yaw and pitch axis follow mode, the camera will follow your handle movements when you pan left or right or when you tilt up or down. In the 3 axis follow mode, the camera will roll side to side, tilt up and down, and pan left or right. On the back of the EC1, there’s a button to change modes and an OLED screen that shows the battery life and current mode.

More Features

The point and lock system is a unique new feature that allows you to point the camera in any direction and it will be locked into place. For example, you can quickly and manually point the camera in different directions and it will lock. The DSLR gimbal handle comes with two ¼-20 threaded hole mounts with one on each side, which are great for microphones or lights. For those that want to use the gimbal with a tripod, there is a 3/8-16 tripod mount on the bottom.

The EC1 has a 32-bit controller with a 12-bit encoder, which helps improve the battery life. Handheld gimbals now have an adaptive PID algorithm to be more efficient. With this algorithm, the encoder can detect what adjustments need to be made and can adapt on its own to the type of camera being used. Whether you’re using the gimbal for standard video production or filmmaking, the EC1 is useful in all settings.

“The EC1 takes what the DS1 had and makes it better. It’s now easier to balance, more reliable, and smarter with the new encoder. All these benefits along with the new modes of operation really take the Beholder gimbal line to the next level,” says Julio Ramon, Product Manager.

To view the full line of gimbal stabilizers, including the DS1 and EC1, please see ikancorp.com.