Ikan International, LLC (Ikan), a leading designer and manufacturer of video and camera equipment underwent a comprehensive rebranding effort. Founded in 2005 in Houston, Texas, Ikan entered the market with monitors and teleprompters for the film industry. Over the past decade, Ikan’s offering has expanded to include over one thousand products including a full range of lighting equipment, gimbals, camera support, teleprompters, and accessories for both studio and field production. The rebranding consisted of four key components: brand visuals, brand message/Ikan story, redesigned logo, and a redesigned website which will launch in 2018.

“After experiencing tremendous growth over the past decade, it was time that our branding and web presence represent the modern state of our Company and the high quality and high value products that we continue to introduce into the industry,” said James Tian, CEO at Ikan.

The Company’s objective of the rebrand and website design expanded beyond aesthetic enhancements to include a full examination of how Ikan was perceived in the industry. Ikan discovered that their customers believed in their products, but could not attach a personality with the company.

“It became apparent to us that no one really knew who the people at Ikan were. Our customers valued our products and customer service, but we needed to put a face to the company,” said Inez Moriarty, VP of Brand and Marketing. “We needed to tell our story in a clear and powerful way that would strengthen our position in the film industry.”

Additionally, Ikan has adopted a new tagline: “because we’re filmmakers too.” The tagline encompasses the knowledge that Ikan employees are composed of seasoned professionals who understand the daily challenges of their customers.

Ikan’s rebrand enhanced the following areas:

  • Brand Visuals – Updating visual elements that communicate our story, reputation, and value.
  • Message – Telling a clear and concise story of who is Ikan and adding in the tagline, “because we’re filmmakers too.”
  • Logo – Modernizing logo and color palette.
  • Website – Launching a new website in 2018 that will include, an improved user experience on all devices, enhanced e-commerce platform, an updated UI, and a focus on storytelling from our VIPs and brand partners.

About Ikan
Ikan is a company of filmmakers. Our staff is almost entirely composed of seasoned professionals whose first love is the world of film and video. As filmmakers, we understand the challenges our customers face on a daily basis. We understand the need for reliable, dependable equipment. We understand that a piece of gear going down during an important shoot can affect your reputation. We also understand that, while imagination may be limitless, budgets aren’t. Whether it’s an expensive Hollywood motion picture or an intimate wedding shoot, you need to maximize the value of the products you’re choosing to buy. And because we understand these things, we feel it’s our responsibility to continue to bring our customers the best available technology, quality, service, and long-term value across our entire product line. Whether it’s our lights, gimbals, tripods, monitors, or the hundreds of other production tools we’ve brought to the market, all of Ikan’s products are created by filmmakers, to empower filmmakers. Ikan products are sold through authorized dealers located in more than 50 countries around the world and at www.ikancorp.com.