HOUSTON, Texas, (July 5, 2016) – Ikan is excited to be distributing the CV600, the latest spectrometer from UPRtek. The device is part of UPRtek’s next generation of advanced color/exposure meters and is a great way for filmmakers and photographers to figure out the best lighting to use. It’s designed for quick, efficient measurements and its new Color Correction Filters Calculator makes it easy to match the color of any light source. The CV600 film and broadcasting spectrometer has various features including: Basic Mode, CIE 1931/1976, Filter, Spectrum, CRI Chart, Flicker, Browser, and Exposure.

In Basic Mode, users can view four different measurements simultaneously (CCT, CRI, Duv, TLCI, fc, etc.) in order to adjust and decide color temperatures. The Spectrum Mode shows where Delta Ascension happens and since the CV600 uses an advanced grating type sensor technology, it shows the human visible spectrum. In the CRI Chart, users can measure 15 swatches at a time to get a quick overview of the LED light’s performance. The Filter Mode helps users identify and match the color of any light source by comparing it to color correction filters that are preprogrammed into the machine such as Rosco, Lee, Kodak, or Fuji. This mode is great because it identifies which gel would have the most accurate color temperature. With Flicker, users can figure out if the light is within the camera’s frames per second or if the flicker is outside the safe (PASS) zone. This allows the camera to see the flickering of the light in the frame.

Exposure is a new feature that broadcasters will like because it helps in adjusting the settings of the Time of exposure (T Mode), the F-Stop (F mode), or both (TF Mode) in the iris. The (EV Mode) Exposure Value helps to compensate for light or dark in the image. The CIE 1931 or 1976 feature identifies the white in the spectrum and the location of the black body radiator line. In a large lighting setup, the Browser is a helpful feature to use in order to see the readings of various lights.

In addition to all these features, the CV600 can be controlled through a mobile device. With the MK350NPLUS app, users can control the spectrometer from their phone or tablet by utilizing a Wing wifi adapter card. Overall, the spectrometer is great for Directors of Photography, Gaffers, camera operators, corporate video producers, and photographers that want to experiment with constant lighting instead of flash.
“The new CV600 gives you so many options in a single handheld unit,” says Product Manager, Barry Garcia.
For more information on the CV600, visit ikancorp.com.

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