Cool, Lightweight and Inexpensive, ikan™s line of LED lights

Houston, Texas (March 15, 2010). With the introduction of light emitting diode (LED) technology, lighting instruments for production have become more commonplace and increasingly efficient.  The iLED 500, for example, can provide an equivalent output of 500 watts of incandescent light, with only 40 watts of power input.    iLED 150 – Features: –          Built-in […]

The ikan Elements: the truly modular camera support solution

Houston, Texas (February 15, 2010) The ikan Elements line is about your needs as a shooter.  The concept is simple’¦ provide you with the parts you need to configure your camera rig how you want it.  And our design reflects that concept.  Order just the parts you need, or get one of our pre-configured kits.  […]

ikan Elements: The truly modular camera support solution

Houston, TX (January 15, 2010) ikan corp proudly announces the release of its latest innovation.  ikan Elements is an  interchangeable and fully customizable camera support system.  The various kits that make up ikan Elements are designed to provide camera support that is lightweight, comfortable, and far less expensive than anything on the market.  Our systems […]

You wanted it, and now we have it! The ikan VX9, our SDI monitor is in-stock and ready for purchase!

Houston, TX (January 15, 2010).  Our long-awaited entry into the HD-SDI market is sure to please both current ikan fans and newcomers to the ikan brand. The VX9 sports HD-SDI (which also transcodes to component out), HDMI, HD/SD component, composite and S-Video. Initial power options include compatibility with Sony (both ‘˜L' series and BP-U), Canon, […]

Why settle for just one input when you can it all? ikan presents the VX7

Houston, TX (November 3, 2009) – The ikan Corporation announces the release of our ground-breaking new line of monitors’¦ the VX series.   The brand-new VX7 7’ LCD monitor boasts a panel resolution of 1024 x 600 and features LED backlighting, HD-SDI inputs, Blue PlusTM and multiple power options.  The monitor now sports a sleek, […]

A perfect solution for the ‘go-anywhere™ monitor… the ikan V3800

Houston Texas (September 30th, 2009)  The ikan Corporation presents our newest monitor’¦ the V3800, a 3.8-inch standard definition monitor which is the perfect size for jib operators or for anyone needing an inexpensive confidence monitor. With a MSRP of only $119, the V3800 comes in barely more expensive than the V2500e, but with almost twice […]

ikan brings affordability and an industry-standard design to our Monitor Arms.

Houston, TX (September 25, 2009) – The Ikan Corporation announces the release of our two newest accessories, the MA206 6-inch Monitor Arm and the MA210 10-inch Monitor Arm.  Following the needs and evolution of the video/film industry, we have revised and re-designed our popular Monitor Arms and are pleased to bring a 6-inch and a […]

Connectivity, Versatility and Simplicity… all in the palm of your hand, the ikan Cheese stick Jr.

Houston, TX (September 25, 2009) – The ikan Corporation announces the release of our latest innovative accessory, the Cheesestick, Jr.  Sometimes, simplicity is the key in media production work and in this new innovative piece, you now have the ability to mount monitor arms, power supplies, on-camera lights, on-camera monitors, media recording devices (hard drives, […]


LANC CONTROL AND COMPREHENSIVE A/V MONITOR   HOUSTON, TEXAS 2/24/2009 – iKan announces the release of the Award-winning in design and functionality, the “iKan Director” combines LANC control and high resolution LCD monitor, resulting in the perfect solution for hands-free camera operation.   The “iKan Director” provides the ability to control Zoom, Focus and Record […]