Did you know that you can get a drone shot by using an EC1? The EC1 gimbal stabilizer can also help you get a bunch of different types of shots without a slider, Steadicam, or jib. It can ultimately help you increase the production value on your videos. All you have to do is grab the EC1 and a monopod to simulate the shots. Here are some tips to get you started and make sure to watch the full video below for all 10 tips:

  1. Fake drone – You can easily create a drone shot with the EC1 and a monopod such as the MA-90 or the MC-90. To create a drone shot, just extend the monopod as high as you can and then walk slowly and move through the path that you need. It can help you get those shots where you’re up in the trees and really helps establish the scene. If you wanted to get the exact same shot with a drone, you would have to get a drone, set it up, practice flying it, and then get the shot. By using an EC1 and a monopod, you can save time and quickly get the shot without having to haul any extra gear. It’ll help you get a different perspective that you normally wouldn’t be able to achieve.
  2. Fake jib – This is similar to the drone shot that we talked about earlier. You can easily get smooth shots whether you’re going low to high or vice versa. With a jib, you have to carry a lot of equipment such as weights to counterbalance the camera, a tripod, and tripod head. Jibs are great, but time-consuming to set up and move around so they wouldn’t work well for run and gun filming. With the EC1 and a monopod, you can simulate the jib style shot in a run and gun environment with little set up time. All you have to do is practice your move and then shoot.
  3. Tracking shot – For a tracking shot, filmmakers usually use a Steadicam or set up a camera on a dolly on a track, which requires a bunch of equipment and time. With a Steadicam, you have to know how to set it up and use it. If you aren’t trained on it, then you’ll waste time trying to put it together. When using a dolly on a track, you’ll need a crew to help. With an EC1, you don’t have to worry about finding a crew to help you. It’s easier and more affordable to just take the EC1 and simulate the tracking shot.
  4. Follow shot – To create a follow shot, normally you’d use a Steadicam and then set the camera up to get the shot. The Steadicam is an expensive system and unless you’re a trained professional, it will be hard to set up. By using a monopod and the EC1 in the auto inversion mode, all you have to do is flip the handle and then get as low as you need. This setup is easy and won’t take too much time.
  5. Arc shot – For an arc shot, you can use a Steadicam setup or you would have to set up a curved dolly track system. The EC1 is a more affordable and quicker way to get an arc shot.

Overall, using an EC1 can help save you time and money while giving a professional look to your videos. The variety of what you can do is endless and allows you to be creative without breaking the bank. For the rest of the tips and to see these in action, watch this video.

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