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Cinema Gimbals

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Model: ARM-T02
  • Compatible with Tilta Gravity, DJI Ronin, Freefly Movi, and various other gimbal systems
  • Quick release dual spring arms with adjustable tension control
  • Swivel down spring arms can be clipped along your waist for resting between takes
  • Adjustable vest for a comfortable custom fit
  • V-Lock battery plate with 4-Pin Lemo power socket
  • Swivel hand grip support for arms free control and mobility
Limited Stock
Model: MD2
  • Intelligent Stabilizing A.I. Algorithms
  • Fully Automatic Calibration with No External Software Required
  • Compact Featherweight Design with a Load Capacity of 6.6 lbs
  • Two Handles with Full Joystick Gimbal Operation Control
  • Battery Life Lasts up to 6 Hours with Continuous Use
Limited Stock
Model: GR-T03
  • Adapts to different environments and shooting requirements
  • Unique gimbal adjustment design helps you easily find the best balance in minutes
  • Auto Tune Stability system automatically adjusts the balance, guaranteeing the best performance with no system crashes or drifting
  • Extremely versatile and lightweight (total weight: 4KG). Compatible with the RED EPIC, SONY F55, SONY FS7 and ARRI MINI, etc.