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Elements™ Rigs

The widespread popularity of smaller DSLRs and the new hybrid, cinema-style cameras have made hand-held shooting more challenging than ever. In addition to stabilization, shooters need ergonomic and efficient ways to accommodate monitors, lights, lens controls, mics, recorders, supplemental power, etc.

Elements™ Rigs Catalog

  • Rig Kits
    Our Elements™ Rigs product line provides a number of cost-effective camera stabilization and accessory mounting solutions. We offer several pre-configured kits, from a simple base plate with grips to full-featured rigs with accommodations for monitors, lights, follow focus, and other components.
    • Rig Components
      All of our Elements™ Rigs products are also available as individual components. Use them to build your own personalized shoulder rig or any other mounting system. ikan Elements™ Rigs are all designed around established industry specifications, allowing you to easily mix and match our components with those from other manufacturers.