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Teleprompters Catalog

  • Tablet & iPad Teleprompters
    Looking for an inexpensive way to integrate your iPad into your everyday video production workflow? ikan has the solution. The Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit is a complete out-of-the box solution that turns your iPad into a field ready teleprompter.
    • Beam Splitter Glass Teleprompters
      ikan's line of through-the-glass teleprompters are among the most reliable and affordable on the market. Select your high resolution monitor size (8", 15" or 20") and receive features such as a camera riser plate, quick release mount, perfect center of balance, high quality 30/70 prompter glass, included software, and battery power options.
      • Above the Lens Teleprompters
        A simple scrolling text solution for ENG/EFP shooters is an above the lens teleprompter. ikan offers this easy to assemble unit in a high resolution 8" configuration, making it ultra-light and a breeze to maneuver in the field or in the studio. Battery power options, multiple inputs and included software round out an impressive feature set that also keeps your budget in check.