• Field Monitors
    A reliable field monitor (on-camera monitor) is a crucial tool in the videographer's arsenal. ikan is among the most reliable manufacturers of high definition field monitors in the world. Our field monitors provide a reliable image under challenging conditions, and includes industry standard inputs and battery options.
  • Monitor Kits
    Want a complete out-of-the-box and ready-to-shoot monitor solution? ikan's line of monitor kits includes everything you will need for your particular application (e.g. batteries, chargers, adapter plates, carrying cases, etc). In the studio or out in the field, ikan has the perfect monitor kit for you!
  • Studio Monitors
    ikan studio monitors have quickly become an industry standard. They offer industry standard inputs, battery options, full maneuverability, table top mounts, color control, superior panel quality, and superior resolution.
  • Rack Mount
    Rack mount configurations are all about convenience and affordability. ikan has kept this idea in mind when designing our line of rack mount monitors. They featuring true plug-and-play functionality, industry standard inputs, A/C power utilization, and a range of resolution options.
  • Konvision
    Ikan is the trusted distributor of KONVISION monitors. With industry-leading video processing technology and precise color reproduction, KONVISION broadcast monitors continuously win the high praise from professional users of broadcast industry home and abroad.
  • Ruige
    RUIGE is widely considered among the most prestigious manufactures of professional reference monitors in the world. With high-end features such as Pixel-to-Pixel, Underscan, Overscan, Blue Only, Green Only, Monochrome and a stunning resolution of 1920 x 1200; RUIGE monitors are an essential tool for studio production or post-production applications.
  • Accessories
    Chargers, batteries, mounting systems, cables and everything else you will need for your monitors.
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
    The VideoForge 4K is the world's first portable 4K video test pattern generator. Production, post-production, broadcast, and AV professionals who need a reference pattern generator to produce reference-tested 4K signals will find the innovative VideoForge 4K digital pattern generator an invaluable item in their tool kit.