Fresnel LED Lights: Stryder Fresnel, Studio Fresnels, Field/ENG Fresnels | ikan

Fresnel LED Lights

Fresnel LED Lights
  • Stryder™ Fresnel
    The rugged Stryder line of portable LED lights gives professionals a bright source of light using single source COB technology. It can be used with either AC power or with the battery options.
  • Studio Fresnels
    The Studio Fresnels are very versatile and can be used to light any set or backdrop. The different size fresnels give professionals a variety of options when it comes to lighting up a stage.
  • Field/ENG Fresnels
    The ENG/Field Fresnels have the versatility to be used in most lighting situations. They give professionals a choice on the size and shape of the fresnel that is needed.
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