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Flat Panel LED Lights

Flat Panel LED Lights
  • Lyra Soft™ Series
    The Lyra soft lights output large amounts of light with a very soft feel. Depending on the size and shape that is needed, the Lyra line of soft lights can help with lighting in the field or in a studio.
  • Rayden™ Series
    The Rayden spectral LED light gives the brightness and throw you would expect from a traditional LED multipoint panel. The Rayden's great color and strong throw allow them to be used in the field or in the studio.
  • Mylo™ Series
    The Mylo lights are strong bright lights with a very portable feel. These heavy duty field lights with DV batteries allow you to put them in almost any position for great lighting ideas.
  • Onyx™ Aluminum Series
    The Onyx Aluminum Series uses aviation grade aluminum panels designed to keep the lights well ventilated. They provide an easy all-in-one package with features such as battery power, DMX, and remote control.
  • Featherweight Series
    Looking for lightweight LEDs? The aptly named Featherweight lights are bright LEDs that can be used in any studio or field situation. They also produce good color and make a great addition to any light kit.
  • DMX Series
    The DMX Series of lights allows any working professional the ability to choose just the right lighting setup for the studio they are building. The Ikan DMX lights are a great cost-effective solution when budgeting for any studio install.
  • Aluminum Studio Series
    Studio grade panel lights powered by high CRI dome LEDs housed in rugged aluminum enclosure. With this series of Ikan lights, professionals get strong bright LED lights that can be utilized in any interview or scene.
  • ENG/Field Series
    The Aluminum Series field lights are a strong option when you need compact lights that can solve a multitude of lighting issues. The ENG/field lights give professionals many options in lighting any scene.
LED Light Kits
  • Small Interview Kits
    The small interview kits are lightweight and portable, offering the flexibility to work in many different locations.
  • Large Interview Kits
    The large interview kit will give you the flexibility to light much larger areas depending on the situations.
  • Chroma Key Kits
    The Chroma key kits let you decide what you need key and give you many choices to suit your situation.
  • 2 Point Light Kits
    The 2-point light kits offer quick, light, and portable options for on-the-go shoots with minimal gear and set up time.
  • 3 Point Light Kits
    The 3 point light kits offer the ability to set up quickly for on-the-go shoots.
  • Bi-color Kits
    The Bi-Color Kits allow you to prepare for any lighting situation with color temperatures that ranges from 5600K to 3200K and available in various kit configurations.
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