X3-P: X3 Handheld Gimbal for Phone

X3 Handheld Gimbal for Phone

Model: X3-P
  • Record smooth video from your smartphone even with extreme movements
  • Fast to setup and simple to use even if you have never shot a video before
  • Securely holds your phone with an electric Gyroscope and 3-Axis stabilizers
  • Run, jump and maintain a fluid motion
  • Lightweight but very durable construction
  • For more information visit flyx3.com

Welcome to the world of professional looking steadicam shots that you can film straight from your smart phone. Footage that would normally require a heavy harness costing thousands of dollars is now literally in the palm of your hand thanks to the X3 Handheld Gimbal. This light-weight but durable video production tool securely holds your phone level with an electronic gyroscope, and the resulting video looks like it was shot with a much more expensive camera rig. No more nauseous shaky cam shots or awkward bouncing when shooting with your phone. The X3 keeps things nice and steady. 

The X3 Handheld Gimbal is designed to be an on-the-go piece of equipment. The electronic gyroscope is powered by a battery with a two-hour life, and is as easily rechargeable as your smart phone itself. You won’t be breaking the bank buying batteries for the X3. 


(1) X3-P

Dimensions:2.17” x 11.22” x 5.9”
Shipping Weight:2lbs
Weight :1.54lbs