Hoverfly Lightweight Shoulder Rig

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Super-Light ENG Rig
  • Strong one-handed shoulder rig
  • Adjustable rosette system for comfort
  • Base plate for accessories
  • Adjustable length for shoulder pad








The Hoverfly is a strong, single-handle shoulder rig, from our ELEMENTS line, made for the ENG or documentary style shooter.
















The adjustable rosette system allows you to easily adjust the rig length to fit your body, for greater comfort, practically on the fly. Plus, the shoulder pad is detachable for quick attachment of your camera to a tripod. This makes for a much easier transition between takes as you set up for different shots, while still giving you single handle control for moving the camera. Conversely, just release from the tripod, slide the shoulder mount back on, tighten the rosette, and you’re back ready for a follow-along.










Easy Assembly

The camera plate supports small to medium-sized camcorders. Just grab your camera, the ELEMENTS H-plate, and one of the included D-ring adjustable thumb screws, and connect to the base of your camera. Assemble the rest of the rig, making use of the rosettes for quick sizing to a comfortable position, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy.


1 X Adjustment Bar With Camera Plate And Hand Grip
1 X Hoverfly Shoulder Mount

Dimensions: 28.5 x 3.5 x 8.75”
Weight :2 lbs
Shipping Weight:4 lbs
Dimensions (Metric):72.39 x 8.89 x 22.225 cm
Weight (Metric):0.90 kg

  • 1 X Adjustment Bar With Camera Plate And Hand Grip
  • 1 X Hoverfly Shoulder Mount