ELE-OFLY: Flyweight Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig

Flyweight Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig

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  • Lightweight and Easy to Break Down Comfortable Padded Shoulder
  • Ribbed Non-Slip Rubber Handles
  • Offset System with Vertical Adjustment
  • Designed for DSLRs and Small to Mid-Size Camcorders


The ELE-OFLY Flyweight Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig is designed and built for videographers and cinematographers who demand quality, but at an affordable price.


The professional Shoulder Rig delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction and all the features required for professional performance.


The ELE-OFLY features include a lightweight design and an offset system with vertical adjustment that rises above competitors in its price range and class.


The ELE-OFLY Flyweight Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig is a lightweight, modular support rig designed to work with any DSLR or small to mid-sized camcorder.  The Flyweight Offset DSLR rig has an offset design to make it easy to shoot video.  Vertical adjustments allow you to position your camera at eye level.  The grip handles can be positioned in a way that is comfortable for you by easily moving the grips closer or farther away from the cross block.  ¼”-20 and 3/8” threaded mounting points are on all pieces. 




Fully adjustable to your shooting needs, the offset element piece can be put in few different variations. It can be set to where the camera is perfectly eye level or below eye level. With the offset piece, you can also offset your camera to where the camera is right in front of you or in the complete opposite direction.




The base plate height can be adjusted to be higher or lower, giving you more latitude for shooting.




The grip handles can easily move more closer in or further away from the crossblocks, with a quick twist of the thumb screws and re-tighten, you can position the grip handles anyway you see fit.






Pro battery power solutions that are available can be accessorized with your rig by mounting it in to the back of the shoulder pad, also giving you some good counter weight to work with.





(1) Baseplate (ELE-SBP)
(1) Crossblocks (ELE-CB-19)
(1) DRS-01
(1) Offset (ELE-ES)
(1) Shoulder Mount
(1) Weightbag (ELE-WB)
(2) 6" Rod (ELE-15R6)
(2) Grip Handles
(2) Thumbscrews
(3) 12" Rods (ELE-15R12)

Shipping Weight:7.2lbs
Weight :6 lbs

Essential Accessories
Model: ELE-15RDA
  • Black anodized, machined aluminum
  • Accommodations for both 15mm rods and 1/4" accessories
  • Companion piece to our base plate systems
  • Enables compatibility with larger wedge style quick release systems
Camera Bags

Weight Bag
Follow Focus

FG Follow Focus Cine-Kit
Accessorized For

USB Control Grip

Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver System (for V Mount)

Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver System (AB Mount)