ID1000-v2-KIT: Kit with 3 X ID1000-v2 lights

Kit with 3 X ID1000-v2 lights

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Model: ID1000-v2-KIT
  • Color Temperature of 5600K (100K)
  • 3 x ID1000-v2 Fixtures with Stands and Bags
  • 3 x Wireless Remote Controls
  • AC Included Optional DC Accessories Available
  • Energy Efficient and Portable
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The ID1000-v2-KIT with 3 x ID1000-v2 Lights is designed and built for imaging professionals who want quality at an affordable price.


The Kit delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance.


The 3-Point Light Kit features include 5600K daylight capabilities and a 60-degree angle that delivers reliable, consistent performance.


The ID1000-v2 LED Studio Light features 1000 5600K LEDs that are dimmable in 1 step increments from 0-100% using the LCD touchscreen.   If the light is mounted overhead or cannot be reached, the ID1000-v2 comes with a remote that controls dimming and powering the unit on and off.  A multi-voltage AC power supply is included.  The pre-mounted four leaf barn doors can be folded flat for transportation. 


Popular applications for the ID1000-v2-KIT include documentary and ENG set-ups as well as corporate gigs and film.   The kit includes 3 ID1000-v2s, 3 HD light stands, 3 remote controls, 1 stand bag and 1 light bag.


ID1000-v2 lights are also available individually or in different kit combinations that provide added value that may include stands, bags and other accessories.

The ID1000-v2 continues the ikan tradition of providing versatile, portable and cost effective lighting solutions which are at home in the field or in the studio. The 1000 LED bulbs create energy-effecient light with a watts equivalency of 750w providing 3200 lux at 3' at 5600°K(±300). If you need a bright, portable light that won't roast your talent, the ID1000-v2 is the light you need. The LCD touch screen panel on the rear makes it simple to dim  the lights in increments from 0-100%. No more guessing with old school analog rotary knobs.

    ID 1000

Professional Power Options

If you need Anton Bauer or Sony V mount power options, ikan has you covered with the PBK-S-X or PBK-A-X professional battery mount system.  This simple device mounts directly to back of the ID1000-v2 via the included VESA mount receiver slots.  Once it’s installed, you’re in business.


ID1000-v2 Performance Chart
ID 1000 Lux Chart


Take Control

Every unit comes with an RF remote control giving you command over the lights power and the ability to regulate each of the four light banks. The ID1000's remote operates on 3 separate channels so 3 lights can be controlled with the same remote. This 1 remote will give you a host of features that control up to 3 individual instruments.

Remote features include:
A. Power On/Off

B. Press button to adjust 4 levels of light intensity. Press and hold for 5 seconds to enable/disable sound

C.Four level light intensity adjustment from 25%-100%

D. Dimmable light intensity adjustment from


3 X AC Adapter + Power Cord
3 X ID1000-v2
3 X Light Stand
3 X Wireless Remote Control
Light Carrying Bag
Light Stand Carrying Bag
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Beam Angle:60 degree
Brightness:3'/ 3200 lux / 5600°K
Build Material:Aluminum
Color Temperature:5600°K
Cooling System:Passive Cooling
Dimensions:13.75 x 2 x 13.75"
Fixture Size:14" x 14" x 3 1/4"
Fixture Weight:6LBS
Head Type:Daylight
Lens:60 degree Lens
Light Source:1000 0.06 watt LED at 5600K
Mount:Stand Mount
Operating Volts:12v - 14.4v
Operating Wattage at 120V/60Hz:75 watts
Power Supply:12V @ 6.66amps
Rating:120V @ 60 HRZ
Shipping Dimensions Box 1:20 x 24 x 20"
Shipping Dimensions Box 2:41 x 9 x 9"
Shipping Weight:62
Weight :62

Essential Accessories
Model: CH1459
  • Includes 3 Front Screen Options (30 LED front Lens, Full and 1/4 grid)
  • Light Weight and Collapsible
  • Easy to Use, Store and Transport
  • Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap
Model: PBK-A-X
  • Fits with any "Gold Mount" Mount pro batteries
  • Works with the ikan IB-L130A battery,mounting on V17 LCD monitor.
  • Compatible with: VX9, VX9e, V17, V17e, ID500, IB500, ID1000, IB1000, PT3000, PT3100, PT4000, PT4100
Model: PBK-S-X
  • Fits with any "V" Mount pro batteries.
  • Works with the ikan IB-L130S battery, mounting on V17 LCD monitor.
  • Compatible with: VX7, VX7e, VX9, VX9e, V17, V17e, ID500, IB500, ID1000, IB1000, PT3000, PT3100, PT4000, PT4100
Model: YK1000
  • Slide-on feature
  • Heavy-duty adjustable tension knobs
  • Standard 5/8-stand receiver
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
Light Mounting Options

Power Grip
Pro Batteries

Gold Mount Professional Battery

V Mount Professional Battery
Teleprompter Power Options

Gold Mount Pro Power System

V-Mount Portable Pro Power System
Pro Battery Chargers

Gold Mount Compatible Charger

V-Mount Compatible Charger
Lighting Replacement Parts

Power Supply for the ID/B1000, IDMX1000-v2, IDMX1000T, ID/B1024 Lights
Accessorized For

Power supply for the ID/B500, IDMX500/T, ID/B576 Lights

iD500 & iD1000
by Ruscher Visuals

"Lighting and lenses are going to be my biggest investment to future proof my equipment list and to be able to use with different cameras. Well yesterday I received a custom light kit from Ikan. Wow. Really. I mean wow."

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