ELE-SHS: Shoulder Stock Rig

Shoulder Stock Rig

Limited Stock
Model: ELE-SHS
  • gun stock style rig
  • dual 15mm rods with a single foam grip


Sharpen your aim (yeah, who didn’t see that one coming?)


This simple, light weight configuration allows a shooter to move quickly and efficiently while utilizing their body for added stability. The gun stock design is comprised of a pair of 15mm rods attached to a foam pad to provide added comfort in any shooting situation.


The ELE-SHS includes a rail mount and cheese plate that serve as a base plate for your DSLR or small format camcorder. An adjustable foam grip attached to a single 15mm rail mount provides control of the rig.


Add a tripod mount for drop and roll capability or additional rail mounts and cheese plates for even more expandability. With the ikan Shoulder Stock at your side, your next project is as good as done! (OK. seriously. That’s the last cheesy marketing pun you’ll find here.)



Original Elements

FG Follow Focus Cine-Kit
Elements™ Baseplates

Cheese Plate
Elements™ Mounts

Cheese Stick Jr.

15mm Rod Adaptor

15mm Rod Mount

15mm Right Angle Rod Adaptor

Lens Support
Elements™ Screws

15mm Stud Adaptor
Battery Options

Belt Clip