ELE-90-15RDA: 15mm Right Angle Rod Adaptor

15mm Right Angle Rod Adaptor

Model: ELE-90-15RDA
  • Universal fit for 15mm rods
  • Anodized black, machined aluminum
  • Mount accessories at right angle to 15mm rods

VX Series


The 15mm right angle rod adapter (ELE-90-15RDA) is ideal for mounting the Cheese Stick JR., with its anti-rotation mounting slot. By mounting the Cheese Stick JR, with this right angle adapter, additional mounting points are made available for your battery plates, articulating arms, etc.

Additionally, the ELE-90-15RDA can be paired with the 15mm Rod Adaptor (ELE-15RDA) for clamping 15mm rods perpendicular to each other.




Shipping Weight:0.07
Weight :0.05lbs