We’ve updated our website to reflect some new product changes and make shopping a tad bit easier:

1. We added “Essential Accessories” as an additional feature per product page. When promoted, it will appear at the top of the list inside the product tab. This way, if you need additional items for your purchase, it’ll be easier to find and know whats compatible with your selected gear.

2. All product tab accessories are now grouped on each page.

3. We now support OUT OF STOCK on the website!  Once an item is out of stock, customers can  give us their contact information so that we can notify them when an item is back in stock.

These are some much-needed, useful touches that we hope will benefit you as a customer when using out website. www.ikancorp.com

In other news, it sounds like there are more setbacks on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. with no anti-aliasing feature, as mentioned in the news last week, and further setbacks to the release date of the camera (end of august n0w, it’s disappointing to hear that the camera will be released with a “lighter” feature set than expected, via John Brawley’s blog. For those who are still interested in the camera, I’d be curious to hear your opinion on what features it might be missing and how reminiscent this is of RED’s initial release a few years ago.

Speaking of which, we’re doing a photoshoot of RED Scarlet-X with our EV2 ELEMENTS to better promote our rig compatibility, so don’t be too surprised to see RED-ready images across our pages and in future publications.

However, good things are happening elsewhere for the company and our image. For example, hearing that the Winner of Houston’s 48 Hour Film Project, Raven Films, love our VL5 deluxe kit and are now relenquishing their manhattans they’ve used for the last three years, and looking to get more ikan, too. They created a great film and have the hopes to see it become a feature.

I’ve included a link to their film, “Crackerjack,” below. If you need more info, think of a 1930s setting date in the woods that turns horribly awry, as a sociopathic killer preys upon a girl’s innocence and meets face to face with the law.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lISSKnrR3I0″]

For more information, check out Crackerjack’s Official Facebook page.

More updates to come soon, once I train these new marketing employees… 😉 On that note, we’re going to be sending out updated newsletters (with lots of news and reviews and our front page with new content. Stay tuned!