A couple of months ago, as we were prepping for NAB 2012, we started pushing forward a concept for a USB Remote, able to work on DSLR’s (currently supports Canon only, looking to expand compatibility). With about two weeks to spare, we got our first prototype of the product. Here’s the rough video I made demonstrating the features of the remote:

When I said rough, I wasn’t joking. However, proof of concept was established and it fit the bill for my purposes. The prototype  been featured on larger sites (read: ones that are maintained), such as Cinescopophilia and Dan Chung’s DSLRNewsShooter, and was highlighted in a few NAB interviews (guess who was interviewed…). Granted, it was homely and off-purple, but it held its own at the show. Interestingly, It’s also quickly grown as one of our top videos on our vimeo channel–something I hadn’t expected and hope it’s reflective of a good portion of our enduser base.

Last week, I was delighted to find that we had received the updated prototype, officially rev. 2 in my hands, and what do you know–it’s not that weird Game Boy pinkish-purple.

I’ve tested it on Canon 5DII, 7D, 5DIII, and T2i. Once we get our C300 back from CineGear I’ll be testing it as well. The results? Consistent and potentially very useful. Features include:

  1. function stepping option (3 modes) to change button functionality
  2. record start/stop (classic red button)
  3. autofocus in live view mode (and if the camera supports it, during recording)
  4. live view on/off button
  5. focus in/out on autofocus lenses
  6. adjust aperture
  7. takes two AA batteries
  8. 2 x 1/4 20tpi mounting holes, on same axis
  9. ergonomic handle to replace the current handle on your shooting rig
  10. easy setup
  11. list price will be around $299–not confirmed.

If this doesn’t make you cream, I don’t blame you. For indie filmmakers, this is not the next must-have toy or tool at the top of the list. For some, including more event-style shooters, consider your options.

Have you used a similar device? Do you have any words of wisdom or desire for other features in the unit? Comment below and share your thoughts.