The Drawing Board’s third episode features two new tungsten-color LED lighting solutions from ikan—the IDMX36T and the IDMX500T.  Both of these lights are DMX-controllable and are great for shooting in the studio or out in the field.

A lot of filmmakers are used to shooting with incandescent lighting.  An incandescent tungsten bulb emits a color temperature of 3200K, which is warm and pleasing to the eye, especially on skin tones.  The drawback of incandescent bulbs is that they draw a lot of power, get extremely hot, and need to be replaced regularly.

LEDs on the other hand are lightweight, cool to the touch, and consume much less power than incandescent bulbs, which waste most of their energy on heat instead of light. LEDs can even be powered by batteries, which makes them very convenient for shooting on location.

ikan LED studio lights are DMX512 controllable, making integration into existing studios simple.  DMX512 is a standard for controlling up to 512 lights from a central device.  Once each light is assigned a channel, luminance and color temperature adjustments (for dual color lights) can be made from the DMX controller, without having to access each light individually.  This can save a lot of time when lights are hanging from a grid or other hard-to-reach places.

Many studios today are opting to go green and are completely refitting their incandescent lights with LED lighting options, thereby reducing their power consumption, keeping their talent cool, and saving on long-term maintenance and replacement costs.

The IDMX36T and IDMX500T are just two of ikan’s new line of 3200K LED lights with DMX controls, with many more lighting solutions in the works.  Stay tuned to The Drawing Board for the latest filmmaking solutions from ikan.