Parallax Control Fluid Drag Jib Kit – 8/15lb. Cap. (E-Image)Includes J100 Jib Arm with 75mm Ball Head and Three 5.5 lb. Counterweights


Model: J100-JIB

Standard Payload of 8lb. Max Payload of 15 lb.
when Properly Balanced and Calibrated
Minimum Extension of 30.75″ from Fulcrum. Max Extension of 48.5″ from Fulcrum
0-3 Stages of Fluid Drag on Both Pan and Tilt Axes
Markings on Tilt Arm Notate Tilt Position, Tension Cuff Adds Manual Tilt Resistance
Mechanical Real-Time Control of Camera Tilt via Lever at Jib Fulcrum
Multiple Camera Mounting Styles with Reversible Mounting Plate
Multiple Accessory Mounting Points
Uses Industry Standard 75mm Ball/Bowl System
Includes Custom Jib Arm Carrying Case

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