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From video calling long-distance relatives to working from home, connecting virtually has certainly become the norm in our socially distanced world today. However, in some cases, connecting online is what distinguishes the activity altogether. This activity is e-gaming, and according to recent statistics, it attracts nearly 944 million viewers worldwide. So, what makes e-gaming so captivating? The answer is streaming. By utilizing equipment for live streaming video games, streamers can virtually connect and engage with their audience, showcase their skills, build a base of followers, and even inspire others to join the streaming realm. Aside from gaming, it is also common for streamers to broadcast themselves showing off their streamer hardware setup or rating streaming equipment. In fact, one thing that most streamers know to be true is that having quality equipment for live streaming video games is as important as the gameplay itself. Whether you aim to become a professional streamer or just want to stream for fun, your equipment’s quality is essential to growing your followers, optimizing your content, and avoiding technical issues. For example, if the space you stream from is less than ideal in its appearance, you can set up a green screen to show a cool graphic behind you instead. Similarly, if you want to focus on improving your audio’s quality, you could invest in a microphone designed specifically for streaming. In any case, where there’s room for improvement, there is always a solution.

At Ikan, we simplify finding everything you need to build out and improve your streamer hardware setup. From lighting and audio to video capture devices and green screens, you can find your ideal products in our curated collection of professional equipment for live streaming video games. Need help finding the right gear? Contact us online or give our knowledgeable staff members a call at (713) 272-8822.