Crossing Church Gives IB1000KIT A THUMBS UP

Craig Bolt, Digital Media Producer for The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida recently purchased the IB1000KIT through ikan’s video ministry program. I was extremely pleased to get a report of his very positive experience with our LED lights via email. Craig’s experience using the IB100KIT on the project “Bob Wilcox – Legacy of a Father” […]

Houston Community Comes Together for 48 Hr Film

I was recently quoted as saying I lacked a sense of community.  I might know my friends well enough through social media channels (or even used one of those channels to meet up for a round of drinks). I might even read friends’ blog posts and provide feedback. But how significant is that bond without […]

Tilta Signs Exclusive North American Distribution Agreement with ikan

Tilta Signs Exclusive North American Distribution Agreement with ikan Professional and Indie filmmakers can now purchase Tilta production gear from the ikan website and avoid risky online transactions through unknown retailers. Tilta BMCC Rig “With this partnership, ikan is creating a path to ownership and a secure conduit for the purchase of Tilta’s high-end film […]

CineFly Video Drops

For those of you who may have caught sight of the Blackmagic CineFly through our Facebook Page’s glamour peeks of new gear–or seen it at NAB earlier this year–and wanted a recap on the little beast priced at $549, I’m happy to say we released our newest product video where we cover all the highlights. […]

Brand Guidelines for ikan Affiliates

In addition to the information you will find in the ikan affiliate publisher section of the Commission Junction website, we have put together some additional promotional guidelines that’ll help you be more effective with your marketing. Ikan Colors You will usually see the ikan logo rendered as black, white or “ikan yellow.” These are the […]

Affiliate Program Basics

Welcome to the ikan Affiliate Program. We are here to help you reach your goals and realize your dreams. To that end, we will be publishing a monthly newsletter that will include the latest program news, helpful tips, product updates and other resources to help you market ikan products. Affiliate marketing is exciting because it […]

Ikan Monitors Capture the NAB Spotlight

ikan monitors were all the rave at NAB this year in Las Vegas. Check out what the guys at Adobe, Autodesk, Reflecmedia, AJA and Adorama had to say!   [su_vimeo url=”″]  

We’re Cookin’ with the Blackmagic Camera!

[su_vimeo url=”″] We have tons of ELEMENTS Blackmagic gear in stock, designed specifically for your Blackmagic Cinema Camera. ikan Sous Chef George Tripsas cooks up some real treats in this video.

Unleash Your Inner Salesperson!

ikan wants to help you turn your passion for filmmaking and photography into a dream come true! If you’ve been looking for a way to finance that next project, purchase shiny new gear, or take a long-overdue vacation, our new affiliate publishing program could be the ticket. Let’s face it – cold hard cash is […]

It’s All About Chemistry

Battery Chemistry is important. Beyond the increasing amount of data and studies saying which type of battery lasts for X dation and has y life-cycle, why should you check that your batteries and respective chargers are compatible? Why check that your charger is optimized for the battery? This may sound like an obvious point but […]