Introducing ikan’s VX17e, a 17” 3G-SDI Field Monitor designed for Broadcast and Studio applications.

The VX17e is equipped with both HD-SDI and HDMI inputs, with Looping Outputs.  It displays a sharp, vivid picture with a resolution of 1440 x 900 and includes professional software features such as False Color and Clip Guides to help ensure proper exposure.  Other features include Peaking and Pixel-to-Pixel to help guarantee your subjects are in focus, and DSLR Scaling, which optimizes SD signals outputted by many DSLRs.

The VX17e features an easy-to-read 3-color on-screen Tally display for multi-camera shoots.  Its heavy-duty metal construction includes built-in handles and adjustable rack ears for easy carrying and mounting in your studio or in the field.  The VX17e also includes a table stand and DVI input, making integration with your editing suite quick and easy.

There are numerous accessories available for the VX17e, designed to simplify your workflow.  The YK17 yoke-mount allows you to mount your monitor to a stand.  The SP17 Screen Protector protects your monitor’s screen in the field, and the SH17 sunhood protects the screen from the sun’s glare to ensure visibility when shooting outdoors.

Both Anton Bauer and Sony V-Mount Pro Battery Adapter Kits are available for the VX17e, which enable you to power your monitor just about anywhere.  Free yourself from cable restrictions with the Blitz Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver Systems and transmit full HD video and audio up to 500 feet and over 100 feet through most obstacles, even brick walls.

The VX17e—a full-screen, portable, variable format 17” monitor loaded with pro features and accessory options.  Now available at