Craig Bolt, Digital Media Producer for The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida recently purchased the IB1000KIT through ikan’s video ministry program. I was extremely pleased to get a report of his very positive experience with our LED lights via email.

Craig’s experience using the IB100KIT on the project “Bob Wilcox – Legacy of a Father” is chronicled below.

We wanted to have an intimate “profile” feel to the video. Ultimately, we wanted the viewer to feel like they were on the set and included in this story. I think we achieved just that. The IB1000 Kit really gave us the flexibility that we needed to get the right look and feel for the setting we chose.

The big advantage for a setting like this, is that there is NO HEAT. Our talent was as comfortable as could be, in turn leading to some really natural flow in their story. Another wonderful aspect to using LED over tungsten, is power usage. If need be, you can run all of the lights – at 100% – from the same 20 amp circuit (you could use up to 10 if you wanted). That provides for extreme flexibility in just about any environment.

LED does a have bit of a learning curve to it as you need to be really aware of the photo-metrics of the lights and how your camera will respond to it, but that is half the fun of using this system: discovery. From the touch–screen interface on the lights, to the pure design of the system as a whole, there aren’t enough good things to say about this kit…can’t wait to get in there and start shooting again!~ Craig Bolt