As of last night, Cinema Forms made it through the last leg of Apple’s approval process set in place for their popular AppStore. Targeted toward iPad users looking to minimize paperwork and clean up production form logistics, Cinema Forms centralizes all of your needed forms, be it in pre-, during, or post-production. With Dropbox, iCloud, email, and PDF support, Cinema Forms can be used alone or with a fleet of iPads, deploying releases and agreements on the fly (to whomever necessary) to get that last form signed.

In other news, Ryan is selling this way too hard. I’ll concede to myself this time. Why?

I enjoy a good hype, I’ll admit–but this program works. Well. We’ve included a litany of various forms, some available for purchase through an in-app shopping cart where you can see all of the options. Production forms such as call sheets, breakdowns, shotlists, daily notes, etc. come standard with the initial purchase, as well as location and talent forms. In-app purchases open up deal memos, legal agreements, and other templates which you can adapt to your needs with little more than some taps on the screen.

More forms will be coming down the pipeline as we move forward. Have a form? Send it to us and we’ll integrate it. Looking for a good call sheet? We carry two types. Both of them are leaps and bounds ahead what you can find presently in the iPad AppStore and, though I won’t mention names, it’s nearly embarrassing that nothing of this calibur has reached the market, considering the sheer rising numbers of production personell looking to integrate their iPad into everyday activities. Cinema Forms just seemed like the next logical step.

Some of you had a peek at an early beta at NAB 2012 earlier this year. Whether you found what (little) we had at the time interesting, it’s time to take another look.