In addition to the information you will find in the ikan affiliate publisher section of the Commission Junction website, we have put together some additional promotional guidelines that’ll help you be more effective with your marketing.

Ikan Colors

You will usually see the ikan logo rendered as black, white or “ikan yellow.” These are the “primary colors” we use in most of our graphic design and website layouts. For your convenience, we have listed the HEX, CMYK, and RGB color codes for ikan yellow here:

HEX: F9C835
RGB: 249,200,53
CMYK: 0,25,100,0

Logo Usage

The ikan logo may be used to a limited extent in your promotional marketing. However, you are prohibited from altering it in ANY way. This includes: changing the orientation, adding special filters or effects, cropping, adding drop shadow, changing the position or size of logo elements and stretching or squeezing the logo.

Additional information regarding proper and/or restricted logo use is included in the ikan Members Area of the Commission Junction website.

Authorized ikan affiliate publishers may download various versions of the ikan logo by contacting us at

Product Images

Most images can be downloaded directly from the product page of the ikan website.

For hi-res images you should contact us via email and indicate the product name, model number and file type (jpeg, png or gif). Most images will be high quality & optimized for the web.

You will be responsible for re-sizing and/or cropping your images. You are prohibited from otherwise altering the image with image editing software or a graphics editor.

Since web images consume the lion’s share of download time in most web pages, some images may need to be optimized to create a smaller file size. (You should also optimize for SEO.) If you try to keep individual images no larger than 12kb you should be OK.

If you need image support for articles, features or reviews, contact us via email:

Product Videos

Ikan produces quality product videos and makes them available for your use. Affiliate videos are available for download on the ikan YouTube Channel. Link:

Be sure to double-check any product videos you choose against the product banners and text links listed in the ikan Product Catalog on the Commission Junction website.

Become An ikan Affiliate

If you would like to become an ikan Affiliate, complete the application on the ikan website.