Blackmagic design took the film/video production world by storm when they unveiled the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at NAB 2011, and 2013 is no different, as many of us are waiting anxiously on our Blackmagic Production Camera to arrive (rumored to begin shipping in about a month).  But with all of the visually stunning footage these cameras are able to capture, their form factor and battery design leaves much to be desired.  Accessorizing your Blackmagic Camera is a must if you plan on using it professionally.

For example, since the Blackmagic Camera is not equipped with a removable power solution, the addition of an external battery is mandatory if one intends to use the camera without AC power for longer than 1-1.5 hours.  The camera’s shape is also not conducive to handheld operation as it is essentially a box, or as one filmmaker called it, “an image capturing device.”  Shooting without a tripod or camera rig is bound to leave you with shaky footage.  Also, to use professional filmmaking tools such as a Matte Box or Follow Focus with your Cinema Camera, you’re going to need a set of rails and accessory mounting points required for mounting audio/visual peripherals.

We present to you 2 handheld rig solutions for the Blackmagic Camera line—The ES-T07 BMCC Cage from Tilta and TriFly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig from ikan’s Elements line.  Both rigs are designed specifically for and around Blackmagic’s Cameras and they share a similar form factor and functionality, providing 15mm Rail Systems, 1/4-20 Mounting Options, 2 Grips and a Top Handle.  Tilta’s ES-T07 also features a Record Trigger, Arri Standard Rosettes, a Dovetail Baseplate and dual Cold Shoe mount located on its top handle.

If you were to compare these rigs to automobiles, the ES-T07 would be more of a luxury vehicle with additional bells and whistles, whereas the ELE-TriFly would be more like your base model.  Both rigs are now available and shipping internationally, so if you’re getting ready to invest in the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, like many of us are, check out these solutions to see which one is right for you.