Welcome to the ikan Affiliate Program. We are here to help you reach your goals and realize your dreams. To that end, we will be publishing a monthly newsletter that will include the latest program news, helpful tips, product updates and other resources to help you market ikan products.

Affiliate marketing is exciting because it is relatively easy to get things rolling in just a few hours. As a new affiliate publisher, you’re probably anxious to start adding our banners and links to your website or blog. We love your enthusiasm!

To get you off to a great start, we have put together a short list of things to consider:

1. Focus on Attracting Targeted Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Most people ignore banner ads and affiliate links. That’s why it is important to develop a marketing strategy that will increase targeted traffic (visitors interested in your content) to your site. More targeted traffic means you will increase your chances of making money. There are several ways to do this:

2. Maintain a Well Designed Website or Blog

Take a look at your site. Is the design still living in 1999? If so, you may need a  makeover or a few design tweaks.

If your site suffers from any of the problems listed below, you may be turning off visitors before they have  had a chance to check out what you offer.

  • Slow loading pages
  • Hidden or confusing navigation
  • Substituting images for text
  • Invisible or slightly visible elements (like forms)
  • Pointless animation
  • Bland “404 File Not Found” pages
  • Search features that don’t return results
  • Broken links & missing pages
  • Tiny fonts
  • Rude pop-ups
  • Auto-play music or videos

3. Give Thought to How You Will Market ikan Products

Since filmmaking and DSLR photography is a niche industry, the content you create to showcase the ikan products you are  promoting will influence whether visitors will click your banners or just move on.

To help you be more effective in your content creation efforts, we are making product white sheets, videos and photography available for your use.

Your goal is to develop trusted, unique and relevant content. Try to focus your efforts on content that educates and empowers your site visitors so they can make informed purchasing decisions. If you do this, you will connect with visitors to your website and build credibility.

Join the Program

If you are interested in becoming an ikan affiliate, you may apply to the program on the ikan website.