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ikan NISI-P1-KIT - P1 Compact Filter Kit for Smartphones (NiSi)<div class="subname">Includes Holder, Clip, Two Filters and Bag</div>. Click to see the ikan NISI-P1-KIT product page.
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Model: NISI-P1-KIT
  • Filter Holder for the NiSi Prosories P1 System
  • Includes Filter Holder, Phone Clip, Circular Polarizer, 3-Stop Medium Grade Filter, and Soft Storage Bag
  • Filters are 40mm Wide and 1.5mm Thick
  • Made of the Same Optical Glass as Regular NiSi Filters (H-K9L)
  • Filter Holder Rotates Independently of the Phone Clip for Optimal Grad and Polarizer Positioning
Model: NIP-V5-CAP
  • Fits Over Circular Polarizer on V5, V5 Pro, and V5 Pro Enhanced
  • Fits over CPL Without the Need for Removal
  • Can Attach to V5 and V5 Pro with no CPL Mounted
Included Option
Limited Stock
Model: NIC-VF
  • Light and Portable Viewfinder
  • Great for Previewing Shots and Locating Hot Spots
  • Comes in 10 Stop or Variable ND Styles
  • Includes Lanyard
Limited Stock
Model: NISI-NS-K-02
  • Cleaning Accessory Combo Pack
  • Includes Two NiSi Accessories: An Air Blower and Lens Pen
  • Air Blower Removes Solid Debris from Glass
  • Lens Pen has Fine Brush for Removing Solid Debris and Cleaning Pad for Water and Oily Residue
Limited Stock
Model: NISI-NS-P-03
  • Optical Glass Cleaning Accessory from NiSi
  • Extendable Brush on One End for Removing Solid Debris from Lenses and Filters
  • Soft Pad on the Other End for Removing Water and Oily Residue
Limited Stock
  • Compact Cleaning Brush for Sensitive Glass and LCD Screens
  • Stores Safely and Discreetly in Eraser-Shaped Housing
  • Perfect for Removing Oils and Moisture from Glass and Screens
Limited Stock
Model: NISI-NS-B-03
  • Touch-less Filter and Lens Cleaner
  • Uses Concentrated Gusts of Air to Remove Dust and Small Particles from Glass
  • Narrow Nozzle Releases Highly Concentrated Gusts of Air from Rubber Bulb